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Faith Wins Podcast

Feb 14, 2024

Welcome to Faith Wins, where faith meets politics in a lively discussion! Jim Brangenberg and Chad Connelly dive into the 2024 Faith Wins mission: supercharging Christian voting power. Beyond elections, they urge Christians to get involved in community activities, making a real impact around them.  

Ever wonder what pastors talk about with presidential candidates behind closed doors? Chad gives us a closer look into 78 private meetings where pastors asked presidential candidates the tough questions – about faith, values, and their true intentions. There's hope as more pastors join Chad’s initiatives, becoming real game-changers in the political arena. Not only are pastors able to influence their congregations and communities, but they often build lasting relationships with the candidates they meet. 

In a nutshell, don’t lose hope, folks! Chad's rallying cry is clear: Christians have a unique role in shaping the nation's future. So, let's get voting and make our voices heard! Visit for more info and remember, faith wins when we step up and take action.